Friday, December 4, 2015

Friendship is magic.

Guys..... I have something exciting to share.

It's, like, really exciting.

My girls love My Little Pony. They watch the show; they have a few of the toys (not enough for their liking), and usually those toys end up in Theodore's toy bin because why would they actually be put where they belong? Because of this, Theodore sees them, plays with them at times,etc.

WELL. The other day the girls were watching an episode and Theodore goes to his toy bin and finds the MLP toy that matches the one on the screen. Whether he meant to match it or not it's simply impressive that he knew the show was the same as the toy. He'll do this with cars and trucks because they are his absolute favorite. If Chuck the Truck is on tv he'll find a random car and play with it. But considering this isn't a toy he is really interested in I was impressed. Then, the screen changes to a different pony and he goes and gets that corresponding pony as well!!!!! He meant to get the specific pony! He totally knew what he was doing!!

And just in case I wasn't completely sure about it, he did the same thing this morning. He got Sunset Shimmer like a boss as soon as she popped on the screen.

I am totally without words. He makes me so proud. I'm not sure exactly what cognitive stage this represents, but it's one he hasn't entered into before and it is SO COOL to watch.