Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mom wins. (I think)

I tell the kids this evening that they are on their own for dinner. Mostly because whilst cleaning the kitchen I accidentally threw away the left overs of the early dinner my husband and I had consumed a few hours before. (The joys of night shift... but that's another post). And thankfully my children, 3 of them anyway, are old enough to make their own food. So, yay, mommy is off the hook!

I think.

My one daughter decides to make a salad. Lettuce, kale, broccoli and vidalia onion viniagrette. Woot! Mommy is doing something right!! 

The other daughter who never likes anything I make probably thought this was a gift straight from God.  But seeing as how there was no cereal or steak in the house - because those are the two things she will eat - decides dinner is overrated and forgoes eating anything.

My son, who tries valiantly to like what I make and usually kindly rates my food at "it wasn't my favorite", also decides to make himself a salad.

I think.

He says, "I'm going to make a salad too."

Surprised, but happy, I reply, "Really?"

Until he says, "Yeah, you know.... some broccoli cut up and mixed into mayonnaise." 

(Let's just let this sit a minute. Broccoli and mayo. Broccoli. And mayo.)

I said, "Thaaaaat's not a salad."

Shocked, he says, "It's not!? Even if I throw some lettuce in there?"

"Sure, son. Whatever you want. As long as I don't have to make it."

Now, in his defense, I will at times cut up broccoli and celery and onion - basically whatever veggies I have and throw them in mayo and put that on a sandwich. I also, unashamedly, think it's an excellent idea to be sold in stores. You won't be laughing when I'm rich from it. Veggie mayo - you can see it now, can't you? 

Anyway, somewhere along the line veggie mayo became salad to my son. I guess it could be worse. I'm still gonna claim some mom points here for having two of the three eating children consuming some form of vegetable for dinner. And points for not having to make said vegetables.  

Double mom win. High fives all around. 

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