Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Time keeps on ticking.

They say time heals.

Time does what it does - it passes, creating space between you and an event or circumstance. Second by second then minute by minute it makes days turn into weeks then years until you find yourself looking back on something instead of being enveloped by it. Time takes time.

Time does not mean that something didn't happen. It doesn't mean it no longer matters. It doesn't mean you aren't changed. And it doesn't mean that you are healed.

Time doesn't heal. It is a part of it but it is not the whole. It is necessary but it's not complete. When your body has an injury it's not time that fixes it - time allows your body to take as much of it as it needs to address the injury and work to heal it. Your body does the work which causes the healing. Time just says, "Take as much of me as you need."

Time eventually gives space from a particular thing allowing you to separate fact from emotion. It gives you the space you need to heal. It never changes the facts. They will always be real and valid. They will always matter. But they do not always have to be the filter through which everything passes.    

Time can so easily be misgiven as the answer to a problem or injury or injustice. "Just give it time." "You just need some time." "Time makes everything better." Yes. And no. You DO need time, but not ONLY time. If you are waiting for time to heal you then you will be waiting a lifetime.


Time is good and necessary and incomplete; the waiting on time is painful. Waiting for there to be space between yourself and a moment or an event or a tragedy is hard. It's something only time can give you. Waiting for time to give you time is hard.

So.... take your time. If something has hurt you or harmed you or changed you... feel it. Don't rush through it; don't drop it with the hopes that only time can take care of it all. Time does give you something that nothing else can give. But don't take it for granted and don't hope it's more than it is.