Saturday, August 11, 2018

WIn some/ Lose some

It's Friday night. We've just returned home from taking the kids to the 4-H fair. A trip I was especially able to enjoy because I had the confirmed knowledge that Theodore's nurse would finally be returning to work tonight after 2 1/2 long weeks of vacation. Two and a half weeks of 24/7 Theodore care for me; long nights on the not so comfortable couch, long days because of the long nights. But tonight was THE night.  My bed, my glorious bed awaited. 

And it WAS oh so glorious.

It's Saturday morning. I slept better than I had in, well, 17 days. I go to greet our sorely missed nurse, wanting to ask about her vacation home, but before I can say a word, I hear, in her Tobagonian accent, "I tink you have dose fly eggs all over your kit'en floor."

I did.

But at least I had slept in my own bed.

It's 10:30 am on Saturday morning. The kitchen has been thoroughly scrubbed, washed, vacuumed, cleared out, disinfected, lit and burnt to a crisp. Theodore is the only other person awake. 

Blueberry pancakes are being eaten. Alone. Coffee is being consumed. Alone. And for 2.5 minutes (while Theodore is otherwise occupied) I can enjoy the quiet and the breakfast I have most definitely earned (albeit also had to make). This morning wasn't 100% a win. But last night was and I'll take what I can get. 

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