Our mission: A faith based, personal organization seeking to provide emotional, practical and financial support to families facing the challenges of loving, raising and providing for a special needs child.

(We are a work in progress. We are scurrying our little feet as fast as we can to become recognized. Below is where I will post updates and events we are having in order to raise funds. Thanks for your patience and your support! If you would like any more information on anything you see below or would like to buy a heart please email us or visit us on facebook.)

February 2012: Rambo's Heart Valentines.
March 2012: We were able to buy 3 coupon books for families, including Rambo, that have several appointments or unexpected visits to Hopkins. Thank you!

And keep looking because our bumper sticker is coming out soon!!

They are here!!!!

Bumper stickers are here, folks!! Email me if you want some.
$3 per sticker (we will mail). 

We have lots of plans for Rambo's Heart. We've already helped out two families and can't wait to do more with your support. Thanks!

May 2012: We are now an official registered trade mark name!! Yay!! Soon our bank account will be up and running which means that checks will be able to be made out to Rambo's Heart. :)
I'll let you know as soon as that happens! 

September 2012:
We have been on a hiatus, of sorts. My apologies for how this has left so many things undone. We are hoping to get back on board soon. 

Thank you to everyone who has purchased bumper stickers. They are still available!! 


  1. Where can I get "Rambo's Heart"???

  2. @Hanah: "If you would like to buy a Heart or for more information you can contact Amanda or Ashley." (links for contacting Amanda or Ashley are in the 2nd to last line of the above post) :)

  3. Thanks, Sarah. :)

    Yup, Hannah, just shoot one of us an email.