Thank you's!

This page is dedicated to all those who have helped us through donations and support. Thank you for giving and continuing to give to Rambo and others like him through Rambo's Heart.

You can sponsor a heart for $1 or make a donation. Together every persons dollar can make a huge difference. If you would like to buy a Heart or for more information you can contact Amanda or Ashley or Sarah. Or find us here on facebook.

Anonymous Donors 
Amber Spence 
Bonnie Baker
Cari Heisterhagen
Bernie Tarrant
Mary Kay   
Pampered Chef
Margy Tarrant
Lauren Taylor
Katie Whaples
Renee Maybury
Lara Bounds
Michelle Patrick
Jeanie Hays
Malissa Sayles
Rachel Walbert 
Oasis Covenant Fellowship 
Bill and Carolyn Glaccum 
Linda Azadi
Amber and Shawn Hurley

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