The Fam




Excessive amounts of pictures of our beach day.

Family fun day.


Snow. In March. Blegh.

By this point we had long since lost Emma, buried in the snow hypothermic somewhere.

Just kidding. She'd had enough, like her momma, and was ready to be warm and dry.

And away from snow.

Because it's March.

(Many thanks to Ashley who came over and watched Rambo so I could get out and make the snowman with the kiddos.)






Fall Fun


Beautiful Weather.


Beautiful Girls.

 Our family in dog breeds:

Israel- Golden Retriever: Loyal, kind, hard worker, loyal, sweet, loyal...

Ruth- Chow Chow: Tends towards boredom, needs routine, aggressive at times, extremely loyal.

Emma- English Bulldog: Small, cute, little bursts of energy, would rather lay lazily around.

Theodore- Mutt: You never know exactly what you're getting or what they entail, but usually the most loving.

Benjamin- German Shepherd: Strong, works hard, aggressive when needed and you always feel safe with him around also barks at times for no reason. :)

Amanda (NOT MY CHOICE it was given to me)- Corgi. [Barf.] Small in stature but does well herding people (kids), high energy to get the job done.


soap beards, people. you know you've done it.

pretty princess

pretty manly, no?
that's how we do showers up in here.

According to Emma windmills are "the spinners that make things do". Indeed. 



 Delicious Food.





I could literally list a page full of things that I am thankful for. Truly this year I feel blessed. I know I am blessed. Thank you, God, for all your wonderful deeds; for your provision, for your love and for abundant life!

Pictures by Max Taylor. :) 

Happy birthday to me and happy trick or treating!

This was the first year we took our kids trick or treating. Considering Halloween is my birthday we generally go out to dinner and maybe hit a party somewhere. This year I said  No more! I decided trick or treating would be fun. And fun we had indeed!!

They were the best tooth fairy, spiderman, and 'ballerina gymnast' you've ever seen.

 All dressed up and ready to go!

They practiced all night saying "Trick or treat" instead of "trick er treat." There annunciation skills must have been up to par too because they came away with loads of candy. We're talking full size candybars.

Fear the Spiderman.
The weather was perfect and they had a wonderful night. One of them actually said they were more excited about trick or treating next year than Christmas. We'll see how much they mean that Christmas morning. 

It was a good birthday :) 

And if you're wondering, Theodore didn't dress up as anything. He stayed at home as 'trach baby' just like always. There was no way we risked taking him out in the cold right after getting out of the hospital. Thanks, mom and dad, for watching him!!



What my children want to be when they grow up:

Ruth - Barbie at Disneyland
           Someone who watches people on shows and tells them if they do good. 
           Someone who makes commercials like "Oh great! You can sleep in these jeans."
Emma - Have a makeup shop
              A girly cow. (It took me a while to figure out what she was saying and then what she meant by that. It all became clear when she said "A girly cow who rides ponies." Ahhhhh, yes, A cowgirl.)
             A flower girl.
             A dancer girl.
Israel - A cop like dad.
            Fighter pilot.

Oh the difference almost a year can make.

Seriously, this needs to stop.

Talk like a pirate day.
Israel: "Shiver me timbers."
Ruth: "Arrrrrr, matey."
Emma: "Meatballs!:"

The face of salmonella.

Poor girl can't get ahead. Happy as can be though. 


We are a family of 6. Well, 9 if you count the cats. Mom, dad, two daughters, two sons. We love the Lord. We homeschool (although having Rambo has definitely brought some new challenges in that area). We love our family. We WILL have an English bulldog named Conan one day. My husband thinks a Corgi will also be a part of family.... that's what he thinks anyway. Our motto is : "Time not important. Only life important." Okay, that's not really our motto. It's just a line from one of our favorite movies - Fifth Element. (Side Note: that truly is one of the best weird movies ever made.) We love our church family. We hope to travel one day. We take each day as it comes with the Lords strength, grace and guidance. And finally, thank you, Jesus, that your mercies are new EACH morning!

             Pictures pictures pictures........

                  .....more pictures.....

I'll spare you pictures of the cats. You're welcome.

"That is that we may be encouraged together by the mutual faith of both you and me." Romans 1:12